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Your pup's safety is the most important thing, whether on a busy city street, off trail in the woods or simply getting in and out of the car! 

Whether your pup is an escape artist, leash reactive or simply full of energy, We believe a dog harness should provide humane SECURITY so you can be confident in any situation.   The GUARDIAN is the most reliable, safest and most  SECURE system on the market.


The patent pending, anti slip, GUARDIAN fit system, locks to your pups body when they are most prone to slipping out of their harness. 

It fits like a glove, will not shift on their body, will not loosen up or stretch over time, and when you need it most, tightens to prevent escape -  giving you the best, humane control of any harness on the market.

Great for lean, athletic dogs, it allows your dogs complete of range of motion while on the run, and snugs their body while on the leash.  It works especially well for sighthounds like Whippets, Greyhounds and Salukis with very narrow heads, and big chested dogs like Pit Bull Terriers and Bulldogs.

The GUARDIAN will not choke or negatively affect your dogs neck like most collars and martingale devices. 

The GUARDIAN is simply the most HUMANE and SAFEST harness available.  You can feel confident your pup is safe in a DUO GUARDIAN.

Made with the same high performance sport materials used in MLB and NHL protective equipment.


Closed Connection Webbing Construction


Abrasion-Resistant Protective Boundary


Ergonomic Rib-Crib™ Construction


Orthopedic-grade Molding Foam Core


View instructions here.


  • Orthopedic grade foam padding and insulation

  • Patent Pending
  • Duo ‘Disk’ ready attachment point

  • Crack-resistant reinforced nylon buckles & hardware

  • Rib-crib stretch zone on the bottom pad of the harness makes the harness ‘give’ a bit to absorb leash shock.

  • Seatbelt-ready design

  • Easy attach leash ring

  • ‘GUARDIAN’ fit system

  • Large top ring for easy handling and leash attachment
  • Escape proof
  • Best control on the market
  • Medium-Small size available upon request
  • alterations/customization to accommodate neck  girth available upon request
Please contact us for customization.  The DUO GUARDIAN can accommodate larger dogs with customization.  Please contact us for details.
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