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The DUO ADAPT harness was created when our Indian Native Dog (INDog) Khushi, one day  wriggled her lithe, muscular body out of our standard harness and ran into the street.  Born and raised on the streets of New Delhi, she was incredibly nervous and skittish.  It took months of training to manage, and in that time she  escaped multiple harnesses!  She was incredibly fast and difficult to catch.  To make matters worse, her beautiful black coat made her nearly invisible at night.
Training is paramount in rehabilitating a nervous dog and it can take time. There are often unexpected triggers lurking around the corner. Skateboarder! Squirrel! Man in dark clothing! My arch enemy dog! These triggers would result in either her hitting the end of the leash in all her reactive might, or wriggling free and hiding.  Her potential for injury was very high, either from escape or the constant impact of her small body at the end of the leash.
We set out to make a harness that was inescapable, but still comfortable, rugged, safe and humane. The result is the DUO ADAPT.
We designed the ADAPT to conform to your pup's body in total comfort.  EVA orthopedic foam helps to cushion any impact on your pups body.
Our innovative ADAPT system makes your pups unwanted escape impossible.  When your dog pulls on the leash in any direction, the top and bottom pads of the harness are gently pulled together.
This makes the opening of the harness smaller than the widest point on your dogs head without choking.
It becomes physically impossible for your pup to sneak out of their harness without resorting to inhumane treatment!  Once the pulling stops, the harness instantly loosens. It will ADAPT to your dogs movements on the fly making it both tighten and loosen based on your dogs needs, making it the safest and most comfortable harness available!

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  • Darion Smith

    I had the amazing pleasure to meet the inventors of this harness while hiking in California and I got to see the Duo Adapt in action. It does exactly what it was designed to do. There were several bigger dogs than mine wearing the harness and as they pulled away on their chains, the mechanism of the harness kicked into action in a safe, effective, and humane way. I’m planning on getting one soon for my dog. I don’t take him on walks anymore because I haven’t found a harness that I can trust he won’t escape from like he has done before. I think the Duo Adapt just solved my problems. I’m looking forward to walking with him again with this product!!! I’ll keep you posted.

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